Choosing colours

Choosing colours isn’t as hard as it seems! Here are a few tips to boost your self-confidence.

The easiest way to choose colours is ton sur ton. You can choose to put more accents with different tints of the same basic colour. Ton sur ton induces peace and harmony.

Fit everything to each other: floor, curtains, walls and furniture. Don’t be seduced by individual things you like, without asking yourself if they will all fit together.


Some questions you need to ask yourself before you leave home:

  • Big or small windows so a lot or a little light entrance?
  • North or south light entrance?
  • What is your basic furniture in your interior?
  • Study the available space in your interior well.
  • Don’t overdo the style mixes in your house.

How do you make your room look smaller and cosier?

By using warmer and preferably darker colours. Never combine more than three warm colours in one space, because it will give you a sense of restlessness. Painting a ceiling in a dark colour will make the ceiling look lower.

How do you make a room look bigger?

Use light and preferably cold colours, but don’t forget to put in the necessary accents. A mirror can sometimes do wonders…

You will occasionally want to change your interior
and remove items you don’t like anymore!